Birthday party

Everybody deserves to celebrate their birthday – we’ll make it happen, regardless of the budget!

A birthday party to remember

A birthday celebration is always special – particularly when you reach the milestones like 18, 40, 50 or 75 years. Men no matter how old or young you get, the most important thing is that you now have an excuse to gather friends and family for a grand party – that’s the true power of the birthday!

There’s no better reason to gather the people you hold dear to celebrate you getting older and wiser – and we have the perfect setting for the occasion!

The most unique venues in Copenhagen

At Cellar 13 we consider ourselves experts on the matter of birthday parties – we simple love them! So you should definitely give us a call next time you plan a big birthday celebration. Vi have multiple exciting locations in Copenhagen covering a wide range of sizes and budgets. Your next birthday could be held in:

Tailored parties are the best parties

As a,ways, we will tailor the party according to your wishes. We’re in touch with the best suppliers in town in terms of food, drink and music – ensuring that your party is taken to the next level.