Capacity: 15-40 people
Address: Ny Vestergade 1, 1471 København K

Situated in Ny Vestergade in one of the prettiest yards of old Copenhagen, at Christiansborg is a venue full of charm and history.

In old times, the venue used to be a barn – but nowadays it serves the artists and creative souls of the city as a charming and rustic wine bar.

The venue seats 40 guests and is the perfect place to enjoy an evening of relaxation for wine tasting and hors d’oeuvres

Given the location of the venue, our guests need to vacate the rooms at midnight. But if the mood is right, we suggest that you continue the party at Cellar 13 or one of the cocktail bars or nightclubs with whom we cooperate.

Interested in at Christiansborg? Contact us at for a viewing.

Vin på reol - Ved Christiansborg - Kælderen 13
Hyggelige rammer med højt til loftet - Ved Christiansborg - Kælderen 13
Vinglas - Ved Christiansborg - Kælderen 13
Entre - Kælderen 13