We live and breathe for great events

At Cellar 13, we don’t have customers – we have guests, close friends and acquaintances. We are unlike any other event company, because we believe a close relation with our guests result in unforgettable events with plenty of memories. 

Nothing’s more fun that stirring up our guests, getting them on the dance floor and keep them coming back for more awesome parties. There’s always an occasion to gather the people you like and create wonderful memories! It’s our goal to make this happen – for everybody and all budgets! To sum up, our vision is simply: To create more unforgettable events!

“Think of us as the close friend that you can trust, that works behind the scenes to make sure that your event is everything you wished for!

We realize that it sounds overly romantic, but that’s just who we are and what we believe.”

Together we'll make magic

We run Kælderen13 Events with a strong team that always strives for your event to exceed your expectations!

Come and say hi!

just the way you like it

At our core, we just like to create unforgettable events and we know just how important it is to listen to the wishes of our guests.

With hundreds of events booked, we are confident that yours will be a resounding success too!