Our core values are what we live by. We consider it to be the qualities unique to Cellar 13 and they are what defines our events. We’ve done a deep soul-search and found 3 core values that we feel represents us and the way we work:

  1. Quality no matter the budget
    Our vision is to deliver amazing events across Denmark for companies and individuals. Sometimes it feel like it’s only big companies that have the budget to create stunning events – that’s what we want to change. We want to show people, that you can have a fantastic evening – even on a limited budget.
    And that there’s always a reason to party, even when there’s no reason at all – we don’t remember the days we breathe, only the days we were left breathless.
    That’s why we make quality events with champagne towers, golden candelabres and professional waiters – regardless of the budget
  2. Flexibility
    The only certain thing in life is that nothing’s ever certain. Everything is in constant flux – instead of fighting it, we choose to embrace it.
    What this means is that we choose to be the most flexible event management partners in the market! We keep our rules and regulations in terms of what you can and cannot do to an absolute minimum – because we know that life happens – and we’re not always in control. Our team of professional hosts are trained to handle everything, and we consider our flexibility one of the values that make us one of the best in the business.
  3. Fun
    Nowadays, fun can be a hard thing to come by. The state of the world, everyday problems and the lack of time and motivation can make fun seem like a distant luxury. But life should be fun – specially the events that Cellar 13 arranges – even business meetings!
    When we have fun endorphins are released in the brain, making us live longer and raising our quality of life. That’s why fun plays a big part of our events one way or another. It’s not just about planning an executing an event, making our guests have fun is part of our identity and what we’re good at!